Hi, I'm Jeremy.

Chasing technical perfection without losing the story.

This sounds like a sales pitch, but I obsess over the small things.


The minute details that most people won't notice, but those that do will appreciate immensely. By day, I'm a data nerd that gets paid to make sense of the numbers behind business and explain them to executives. By days-off I'm a photography geek that lives to make people go, "wow," and help them connect to the things around them through imagery.

My first professional photograph was a commercial one. Sounds about as far from visual storytelling as can be, right?  That's what I thought. As a long-time collector of wristwatches, I fell in love with the idea that a mechanical marvel telling only the time would accompany me on all of life's adventures. An heirloom for the next generation. I noticed, though, that most of the best watch photos I saw were being produced by collectors, not by brands. The shots that make you go, "ooh, I have to have that watch!" were being shot by amazing people in their spare time. Shortly after that, I married my passions and started shooting. After a few months, an independent  watch brand reached out to me and asked me to shoot some product photos for them in my style. The rest, as they say, is history and now I've worked with many different manufactures to help them tell customers their story. 

When I'm not hunched over a tripod, I'm out capturing the city and the world around me. I love architecture and big city streets. Angles. Geometry. My commercial photographs have branched out into just about everything else. I've shot professional portraits, family photos, a billboard or two, events (including the NHL All-Star Game), and even pets (the best subjects)! I strive for technical perfection, but perfection is nothing without the feeling behind it.


That's where you'll find me - at the crossroads of the viewfinder and emotion, trying to tell a story that means something.


If you have a story to tell, I'd love to hear from you.

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